Upcoming Events

High Vibes

June 11th 8pm $10 Band Cover

Don't waste your Friday night, come out to Ragnar's to see Ron Voss/Jer Emy/Mark Camacho/Take Us To Tomorrow/ and Fingerjane!
also featuring Ziron Automass

Deocculted/Kill Everything +2

June 12th 7pm $10 Band Cover

Let's get rowdy on Saturday with CheeseGraterMasturbation/MalignantRot/Kill Everything/ and Deocculted!


Shadow Ministry, Shadow Spectrum, +2 

June 18th 7pm $ Band Cover

Friday night is ready to rock! Are you? We've got a badass lineup featuring: Shadow Ministry/ Shadow Spectrum/ Flooded Tomb/ Hijo de Puta

Surge/Faded Youth +2

June 19th 8pm $10 Band Cover

Come on out to Ragnar's to see Surge/Faded Youth/Street Lamp/ and 40% Dolomite lay it down!